What is a Pet Trust


Girl With HorseA Pet Trust is a legally enforceable method to provide for the care, maintenance, and well being of your pet when you are unable to care for them whether it is temporary or permanent such as death. Funds are mandatory and transferred into an account and distributed over the pet's remaining life. You are also able to select the beneficiaries for any remaining funds.

The Hirschfeld Pet Trust©

I created The Hirschfeld Pet Trust© because I had rescued a dog, Soupbone, and wanted to make sure he had a loving place to live in case I was no longer able to care for him. Pets are an important part of the lives of many individuals. Considering the close bond between pet owners and their pets, it is not surprising that a substantial number of owners want to make provision for the care of their pets should they be unable to do so themselves. My experience as an attorney is that there was a great need to provide for the care of your pet. Make sure to read the section that relates to pets in wills so you don't put them in by mistake.

Secure Your Pet's Future

SoupboneA Pet Trust should describe the care that your pet should have, how he likes to be walked, his favorite food and the veterinarian you prefer. You should also list who you would like to take care of the pet - the pet guardian - and any possible pet guardian successors.

Don't Leave Things to Chance

RabbitAn attorney must create a pet trust. The benefits of having a pet trust are more than simply the piece of mind of knowing that your pet is going to be cared for and protected. It memorializes your animal's needs, their doctors and medications, boarders, sitters, and walkers - and don't forget their favorite toys!

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